Over the past few years I’ve made a number of animations to aid presentation of medical concepts.
Below I present a selection of those I have made.
Most of the animations were designed to be played step by step.
For ease of exhibition I’ve set those shown here to play from start to finish without pause.
Click on an animation to play it.


3D Animation of a corneal graft

This is a 3D animation of the essence of a penetrating keratoplasty, corneal graft. I have made it with the aim of using it for patient education. At this stage it is still version 1 and not very refined. This was my first 3D animation


Choroidal neovascular membranes

A animation to show the difference between type 1 and type 2 CNVMs. It also shows how PDT works.


Tarsal plate reconstruction

An animation using a tarsal plate bridge to reconstruct an eyelid defect.


Mustarde rotation flap

This animation shows the principles involved in the Mustarde cheeks rotation flap repair.

Tarsal graft reconstruction

Animation to show how a large eyelid defect can be repaired with a tarsal graft.



This animation shows the essence of a Cutler-Beard type lid repair


Uses of topical fluorescein

Used as part of a presentation, this animation was used to demonstrate some some of the many uses of topical fluorescein.


Vitrectomy for IOFB

This was the first ophthalmology animation I created. It summarises a surgical repair, removing and IOFB and performing a vitrectomy. As the animations is quite long I’ve just included the second half here, showing the vitrectomy.


Thyroid eye disease

An animation that shows some of the physical changes the eye and orbit undergo in thyroid eye disease.



I made this animation to supplement a presentation I gave to ophthalmic imaging professionals. It highlights some of the differences between FFAs and ICGs.



This was my first detailed animation using Flash. It shows a case I presented while I was a vascular surgery houseman. It includes fitting of an IVC filter to catch clots.